Customer Lifecycle Management

Sales & Marketing:

  • End to End Sales Outsourcing Services through tele-calling for Personal Loans, Credit Limit, Two Wheeler Loans, CD to PL, Balance Transfer, General and Health insurance and Cross Sell
  • We also provide support for Sales documentation (KYC).

Customer Service

  • Complete customer relationship management through inbound customer service for application status check, updating account details, payment center, raising service order for foreclosure, rescheduling, insurance operational delivery services and escalation management.
  • Real-time coordination with client for process update and support
  • Use of client’s CRM for checking status, account statement, account details, raising service order, claims support, pre-policy scheduling and updating notes
  • Channels : Voice, Email, Web Chat

Digital Verification:

  • High end online Contact centre & having capability for Welcome Calling (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Digital Video Verification along with e-KYC facility and services
  • Case Investigation through Digital (Video) mode along with Physical Verification Separately if required
  • Pre-Policy (PPMC) along with Videography
  • Digitization service along with Quality Checks
  • Machine learning and Rule based Systems for UW & Profiling – Upcoming Service

Debt Collection:

  • Delinquency Management
  • Pan India Field Presence
  • Flexi business model with blend of telecalling, Technology, Contact Center, Fos capabilities across India
  • Awareness Calling
  • Our simplified solutions ensure greater customer acquisition and retention rates


  • Notice:
    -The Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007.
    -The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.
  • Arbitration
    -We have proven professionals in court cases and many of their litigators are recognized as leaders in their specific field. Legal disputes are common place and are usually unpleasant and expensive. The required solution can often be arrived at more effectively via the option of arbitration.
    -We assess our clients' prospects with draft solutions in preparation aimed directly at an alternative dispute resolution, but also, if found necessary, will represent our clients in the respective court or Supreme Court.
  • Civil Suite
    We then keep a follow up with the customers on behalf of our clients to mediate and resolve the issue and refer the cases to our clients. We study our client’s cases very closely, prepare drafts, summary suits, civil suits and appeals where and when necessary by referring case laws and citations.

Backend Services:

  • Health & Accident Insurnace:
    Policy inception, Enrollment, Claim processing & Settlement, Cashless helpdesk
  • Reconciliation:
    Bank Reconciliation, Mutual Fund Reconciliation, Vendor Reconciliation, Inter Company Reconciliation etc.
  • Retail Lending:
    CKYC generation, Repayment Management, Receipts Management, Loan servicing, Wealth Management, Customer operations
  • Quality Assurance:
    Process Drafting, Quality check, Observation reporting, Process Improvements, Dashboard presentation review